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    My Baker Craft Backery Was established in 2019 With A Promise to offer a revolutionary experience to the syrian consumers, under the slogan of "Restoring Bread Past Glory"

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My Baker

My Baker Craft Bakery was established in 2019 with a promise to offer a revolutionary experience to the Syrian consumers, under the slogan of “Restoring Bread’s Past Glory”: رجعنا العز للخبز.
My Baker thus set out to offer freshly-baked and unique creations made with the finest ingredients to cater to the growing need for innovative, high-quality baked goods, translating its passion for great food products and especially great bread.
Today, My Baker offers a wide variety of pastries, Arabic breads, baguettes and croissants, and is seeking to expand its line to deliver more innovative and quality foods across Syria.

My Story

Because all lovers of breads and pastries expect the best ingredients;

Because nothing tastes better than artisanal recipes;
And because each one of my customers deserves a personalized experience;
I came to be.
I am My Baker, created to bring back the taste and smell of freshly-baked, high-quality products into every Syrian home.

My Mission

To revolutionize the baked goods industry in Syria, by introducing the most advanced machinery and the best raw materials to produce breads and pastries, the way they are supposed to be.